Order an Appraisal

To order an appraisal, follow the instructions below

Order an Appraisal

​To place an appraisal order, check on the status of your orders, and download reports directly from your account, click here.

Appraisal Training Information

Help prevent your appraisal reports coming in “subject to repairs” and/or in need of a final inspection by thoroughly questioning your borrowers and setting proper expectations.

  • Will utilities and water be turned on at the time of inspection?
  • Is there any peeling paint?
  • Are there any missing handrails?
  • Will the appraiser have access to all rooms?
  • Is there any exposed electrical wiring?
  • If CA, are there water heater straps and CO detectors?
  • Are there any incomplete home projects currently going on?

When you are ready to place your appraisal order, be ready to provide the following information:

  • Valid credit card for payment (name on card, account number, expiration date, 3-digit security code on back of card, type of card)
  • FHA Case Number (if applicable)
  • Borrower/Realtor contact information
  • Special instructions (if applicable)

FHA Appraisal Fees: Arizona

Maricopa/Pinal/Pima Counties: $TBD

All Other Counties: $TBD

Sedona: $TBD

For fees in other states, please contact the Appraisal Department

If you have any questions about ordering an appraisal, please contact your Account Executive or call us toll free at (800) 763-3187.

How to Place Appraisal Orders
How to Attach Documents to Your Appraisal Order