Helpful Tips When ​Ordering an Appraisal

Helpful Tips When Ordering An Appraisal

Preparing to Order an Appraisal

Help prevent your appraisal reports coming in “subject to repairs” and/or in need of a final inspection by thoroughly questioning your borrowers and setting proper expectations.
  • Will utilities and water be turned on at the time of inspection?
  • Is there any peeling paint?
  • Are there any missing handrails?
  • Will the appraiser have access to all rooms?
  • Is there any exposed electrical wiring?
  • If CA, are there water heater straps and CO detectors?
  • Are there any incomplete home projects currently going on?
​ Ordering an Appraisal

When you are ready to place your appraisal order, be ready to provide the following information:
  • Valid credit card for payment (name on card, account number, expiration date, 3-digit security code on back of card, type of card)
  • FHA Case Number (if applicable)
  • Borrower/Realtor contact information
  • Special instructions (if applicable)